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General Manager/Trainer

B.S Health Studies            

Certified Personal Trainer - American Council on Exercise

4 years of personal training experience 


Don’t let your mindset stop you from trying. Believe in yourself.

About me

I am originally from Providence RI, and I grew up in a soccer enthusiastic family. I was influenced greatly by this and wanted to start playing a sport. In high school, I joined track and field. In college, I chose biomedical engineering as my priority major. After taking some biology courses about the human body, I started realizing the importance of exercise. Later, I switched my major to Health Studies. At the same time, I started weight training. I was deconditioned and wanted to make myself stronger. Transitioning from an aerobic sport to weight training helped me understand that weight training does not only benefit people who want to gain strength but also it will contribute to people who want to get improvement with other sports. Let's start getting stronger today!

Focus Area

Fat loss, Weight training, female strength training.


English, Spanish, Italian.

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